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My Random Short Thoughts about Product Design and ongoing works.

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For my longer writings, I write it all on my Medium.com.
This is my portfolio site on windyvintage.com (included dribbble link in there of course).

In October 2019, I’ve created UX Change, it is basically a set of writings (mostly written by me so far) for those who want to get started in UX Design Career in Indonesia language. It took a week to re-arranged the theme on Webflow to be that current landing page layout while I’m learning to use it.

In 2011, I’ve found Info DKV, an online community started on Twitter. To compile design jobs, design events, design competitions or anything related to design information.

Actually, I’m thinking about to add some non-design content here, but let’s see  😃

So here’s my recent short thoughts about Product Design and some of my recent works that are still ongoing;

  • No, you can’t

    May 15, 2020 by

    You cannot hide someone’s experiences professionally. More than that, you cannot fight God’s power. Just because you have big power in this world doesn’t mean God have no idea how to protect and help those who are smaller than you.

  • Empathize to the people in everything you make

    May 12, 2020 by

    Human centered design is not supposed to be only when we’re working on designing app or product but also when we make workshops, courses or even when we support people who affected by pandemic. Ideally we do some research or survey of course, but if it’s not (in case that’s not about our daily job… Read more

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