Bad Design? really?

If designers have enough experiences to realise this, then this is not a new thing to know. Period. And also this….More

Kind & Humble

For me…for me as a Muslim with the Palestine world issues out there….despite you care or know well or not about it, being a kind and humble designer is more than enough because it’s SUPER RARE….here. This is more likely a post for western or European designers because it’s (alhamdulillah) a hot topic right now…More


Based on this reality twitt so why some designers are so arrogant while they donโ€™t know yet how it feels to have kids as designers?More

No, you can’t

You cannot hide someone’s experiences professionally. More than that, you cannot fight God’s power. Just because you have big power in this world doesn’t mean God have no idea how to protect and help those who are smaller than you.More

Empathize to the people in everything you make

Human-centred design is not supposed to be only when weโ€™re working on designing an app or products but also when we make workshops, courses or even when we support people who are affected by pandemics.Ideally, we do some research or survey of course, but if itโ€™s not (in case thatโ€™s not about our daily job…More

The design team competition amongst competitors

When startups have big competitors and itโ€™s more than one, they not only focus on the users, they also tend to focus to compete the design team works as well. But not really in negative ways, tho. Could be inspired by each other rather than compete it. However, if there is something new especially on…More

Work as Designer is like buying a house, here’s why…

Below is what it’s like to work as a designer at low maturity design level culture organizations. The ‘After’ is what we have to do with it after buying the house. The more you have experiences, the better to handle them. Make it better without changing the people and leaders because it’s impossible, right? (people…More