Calm app, an anti app and…anti interface design?

Calm, is the 1st App for Meditation and Sleep (they claimed) especially in App Store. Calm also an Apple award winning app and as app of the year by Apple.

The Head of Design, Chris Delbuck stated at Invision blog in an interview that they are an anti app which is great. However, I’m actually thinking that they are also anti interface design πŸ˜†. Although, this is just visual things. They don’t have sleek and clean design style in their app. They tend to use more striking colors rather than ‘calm’ tone colors. It’s a bit irony. Though, Calm seems a very succesfull app and have great UX.

Before they re-design their landing page (to be simpler, only header and footer in the current version), they had several simple sections on their previous landing page. Some of it using photo editing that blended the cropped photo with a dark green color using brush in Photoshop. But the editing was rough. Like…they just put the color brush around it. Also, the purple gradient button seems unreplacable for them. Actually they’ve put gradient like…everywhere. Not sure why πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. While most of other similar mental health apps using different colors tone with Calm app, but those app looks have similar tone colors amongs each other…the β€˜more calm’ tone colors πŸ€” than Calm app itself.

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