Empathize to the people in everything you make

Human-centred design is not supposed to be only when we’re working on designing an app or products but also when we make workshops, courses or even when we support people who are affected by pandemics.
Ideally, we do some research or survey of course, but if it’s not (in case that’s not about our daily job as designer/researcher, let say), at least we should have a big instinct on having empathy so we can plan it how to make it right on the target/users. So it can become a Magnet. Useful. Effective and the users come to your product without hesitation. I know this is not really ideal UX theory writing, but at least I’m saying here that we have to empathize in everything we make in this life. Even if it’s just by instinct.

If it’s for non-profit and if you really want to help people, we can see a very good example of how people help others to give the free food on the street, it’s more effective than waiting for people to come to your house to ask for your help in the crisis situation. In a normal situation, people could ask for help easier than in this crisis situation.

Let’s see how it works on this example:
In this crisis situation (I wouldn’t say specifically about the pandemic, in this case, it could be about anything);
Ani was affected by the crisis situation. This is not a normal situation for her. In the normal situation, she had a job, enough money etc. People can socialize normally with her. But not with today and unsure until when.

Choose the right action or situation for Ani to get help easily for her physically and emotionally:
a. Reach out to Brian in his house to asking for help with money or food, Brian will happily accept her visit, tho. But they don’t really know each other well, or even Brian is a stranger for Ani.
b. Brian offer help such as free food and money in a place for anyone who needs it, so people can reach out without the need to confirm it personally. Not just for Ani.

If we choose ‘b’ The trade-off here is anyone can come to Brian’s place where he put all the foods, included those who don’t really need it. And Brian’s effort is bigger here. Yes, if it’s about food and money, then the risk is too big, then not really recommended. But if it’s about knowledge, digital course, for me personally…..it’s still okay although not really good if it happens, at least more people can get help by this.

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