Kind & Humble

For me…for me as a muslim with the Palestine world issues out there….despite of you care or know well or not about it, being a kind and humble designer is more than enough because it’s SUPER RARE….here.

This is more likely a post for western or Europe designers, because it’s (alhamdulillah) a hot topic right know in tech and design world (but I assume not in Indonesian tech, despite I don’t follow many of them on Twitter). But the fact is, we need more kind and humble designers, me either need to learn to be the one like that, doesn’t mean I’m saying I’m the one of them. But the fact is many many design people are arrogant, not to mention care about Palestine or not, it’s ‘a too far topic’ here in Indonesian tech. Just be…kind and humble…and it’s super rare.

I found more normal people in the developers world by the way. Yes, few of them are sucks as a variety of human. But overall, they are more ‘normal’. At least normal in community and in online appearance.

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