Calm app, an anti app and…anti interface design?

Calm, is the 1st App for Meditation and Sleep (they claimed) especially in App Store. Calm also an Apple award winning app and as app of the year by Apple. The Head of Design, Chris Delbuck stated at Invision blog in an interview that they are an anti app which is great. However, I’m actually…More

Being a mother designer at a big tech company

Some people may says, “I salute you.” to me at that time because I’m a mother of two boys. BUT DON’T. It sounds too naive. It’s my GUILTY pleasure. What I need more in the back then was just people to understand me and have empathy with my position both as a mother designer in big tech and…More

Work at big tech

Before I have experience worked at a big tech, I thought It’s all the same. especially as a designer. But no, admit it. NO. They have more neat workflow, higher pressure whether on the application test and at work and in most cases more workload too. They have more access to learn. They are able…More

Design Ethic in Southeast Asia?

In Southeast asia ‘design ethic’ is still underated topic, until…I’m thinking about eScooter product on Grab that caused many accidents and banned in Sg (or not yet) and now released in Indonesia and already caused deadly accident. I know this is not the fault of designers, tho. I meant not purely the fault of the…More

This is important, UX Maniac!

As designers, we've gotten very good at explaining perfect ideal processes and critiquing how things usually get done. What we need more of is sharing effective methods for working in the messy in-between. — Alexis Lloyd (@alexislloyd) November 27, 2018 So yes, for me there are two kinds of maniac in design tech industry. UX…More

UI Variations of my #works

There is no case study here, only shows UI. So don’t expect thinking on this post. But this is a home page of the dashboard for Psychological Patient User that contains some tasks (we called it QUEST) from their therapist. It’s like an assessment task for their therapy purposes. So this is a B2B app, the buyer of this app will be hospitals or mental health institutions.More

Idea vs Execute

The idea is cheap and easy. Execute is expensive and hard. It’s true. Because at one time, I had ideas, something like ‘Twitter’ and Gojek before they exist but in a rough way. I’m sure so many people have the same ideas as well. Hence, just like in the teamwork. When we work together with…More

When Visual Guy wanted to be exist in the UX world

When the ‘UI/UX Design Guy’ with the skills (and ego) more in visual rather than UX Design —that’s why he and his friends prefer called themselves as UI Designer even when without UX Designer on their team (only UX Researchers)—….has the power to talk directly in daily with the CEO in a big company, that’s…More